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Remly is a free to use career guidance platform for students & young professionals.

Education to Employment, Simplified!

We simplify the journey from education to employment by connecting all of it on one platform. Whether you're trying to figure out what it is you want to study or you're ready to enter the workforce, Remly is here to make it easy.


Remly helps its community of students and young professionals figure out what career path to pursue


We then connect them to where they can get the skills they need: the Educators on Remly


We then connect them to employment opportunities: the Employers on Remly.

Get the skills, advice and connections you need to be successful

Work on experiences hosted by some of the world's best companies and get support from Remly along the way.

Compare and complete courses hosted by New Zealand's top educators.

Meet Dom

Dom recently joined Deel, one of the fastest growing tech companies ever, after changing careers with the help of Remly.

3 months
To start in new position
Increase in career selection confidence
The team was really helpful, great insights into what path I wanted to go down. Lots of help/advice when preparing for interview.