Empower your students with the most innovative career discovery platform, for free.

Simplify the journey from education to employment on our end-to-end career discovery & advancement platform.

Used by students all across Aotearoa

Remly is a free-to-use career discovery & advancement platform for high schools & students.

Education to Employment, Simplified!

We simplify the journey from education to employment by connecting all of it on one platform. Whether you're trying to figure out what it is you want to study or you're ready to enter the workforce, Remly is here to make it easy.


Remly helps its community of students and young professionals figure out what career path to pursue


We then connect them to where they can get the skills they need: the Educators on Remly


We then connect them to employment opportunities: the Employers on Remly.

How we help students


Our planning assessment helps students learn how their traits, talents, interests, and values align with different study & career paths.
Each student receives a personalised report with recommendations & has access to a free session with a Remly Coach


Included in the recommendations made by Remly are opportunities for experiential learning via courses & projects hosted by the some of the worlds leading companies & educators


Transitioning students into employment is made easy by connecting them to practical work experience & well- matched job listings by employers on Remly.

Connect Students to Competitive Industries

Give students a better chance at breaking into competitive industries by allowing them to build up experience and connections with companies that they would not normally be connected to.