Hire early and with confidence

Create equitable pathways for junior talent into your businesses by joining our ecosystem of Students, Young Professionals, Educators and Businesses focussed on the(ir) future(s).

You're in good company

Building the future, together

Be a part of attracting new talent into our ecosystem as well as into your business by hosting projects, courses, events and sharing your story in these fields.

Pathways our ecosystem focuses on
Cloud Computing
UX & Design
Information Technology
Customer Success

Hire early with confidence improving overall diversity and inclusion

Attract underrepresented students maximising the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Draw from a global pool of students attending universities, colleges, diversity programs, NGOs, and high schools according to your goals.

Reduce Hiring Biases

Minimize conscious and unconscious hiring bias and facilitate diversity recruiting. Evaluate students based on the work they've done and the references given to them on projects hosted by you, other businesses and users on Remly.

Save time & money

Remove the need for lengthy & costly internship programs and hire right the first first time by getting to know your prospective hire through a series of projects

Strengthen Your Recruitment Brand

We work with you to provide students with support so they have a positive, impactful experience working with your company, At the very least they improve their circumstances and learn more about your brand helping you build a diverse talent pool of top upcoming talent.

Why we exist

Students are leaving high school and committing to study and career paths with little to no experience or understanding of the field they've chosen. It is becoming increasingly harder to land your first career role which is often amplified by students not having any relevant experience.

9 out of 10 people aged 21-65 regret rushing their career choices

59% of high school students do not feel positively about their college and career readiness

45% of people do not get the job they want due to lack of experience


Remly is working with KidsCan to bring equal opportunity to less fortunate students in New Zealand. We believe with KidsCan we have the best chance chance of making a meaningful impact on the lives of young New Zealanders.

Lets empower your students to make the right choices for themselves